This brief was asking us to shift the culture of fast fashion towards a more sustainable future. The idea is to have Palace collab with Oxfam by reworking donated garments to change peoples buying habits and to keep clothes for longer and purchase second hand clothes more often.
Palace's target audience is the same age range as those with the worst fast fashion habits. Therefore they are the perfect target audience. Palace will go into Oxfam stores, take selected clothes and rebrand them. These clothes will be put back into Oxfam so customers will have to look through other pieces of clothing, in the chance they purchase these too and give them another life. These will be sold in select stores throughout the UK and this will be on Fridays at 12pm as this is when Palace usually drops.
There will be a range of advertisements across London to promote the collaboration so Hypebeast customers can be ready for drops. Multiple stations will be changed to the Oxfam logo to show there is an Oxfam nearby with the merch available. Palace is full of personality, we can see this through the tone of voice on their website. We have maintained through the video as well as on posters seen on London buses making a joke of the fact that most people just think charity shops are for old people.

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