The branding and packaging for Old Spot Pork shows it's heritage and supports the local farmers which have reared them. Gloucester Old Spot Pork has earnt protected  status from years of maintaining it's quality. It tastes how meat used to taste. Pedigree with provenance and ethically reared meat straight from the source. Designing this in a detailed and crafted way to stand out on the shelves against other competition.
The visual language is based off of the pigs markings and the insight that ‘There must be at least one spot on the body to be accepted in the registry' and 'As they get bigger; their body and markings tend to darken' Therefore on the more matured meat, the more spots on the packaging.  
The food safe paper wrapping is sustainable and fits well within the premium brand. The target audience are those that attend farmers markets, shop at whole foods and planet organic. They are meat eaters and flexitarians but when they do eat meat this would be premium and ethically sourced.

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