Renewal Project: Pop Art by Lucy R.Lippard 
This was a university project in which we were asked to reimagine a book of our choosing. I chose ‘Pop Art’ by Lucy R.Lippard, the pieces of art I have chosen to use throughout my BLAD are ones that have been overshadowed by more popular pieces in recent years. The aim of this is to increase their credibility. Few books on Pop Art show the scale of the artwork pieces so it was very important for mine to do so and I feel it does this perfectly as this has been printed as an A1 Poster book. I used Large type and cropped images to emphasise the scale of this. This would be colour on one side with an A1, full bleed Pop Art poster which embodies the whole Pop movement. The other side juxtaposes the coloured pop image and features other images and type using hierarchy and layout to intrigue the reader to learn about the art.

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